Golden Portrait.com is a trade mark name owned & operated by the Company Royal Golden Enterprise GmbH, a Swiss Company founded in 2008 by Golden Portrait.com Co-Founder Bill Rowell.

- Royal Golden Enterprise GmbH Seestrasse 112, 8806. Baech. Switzerland.

Royal Golden Enterprise GmbH has been providing Swiss certified gold and silver to the market place since 2008. The precious metal is purchased from Switzerland’s largest London Bullion Market accredited refiner Argor-Heraeus Ag and shipped to a group of hand chosen, international, 2nd generation, gold setting artists.

The purity is of 999.9 fineness, 24Kt and comes with a guarantee card.

Yes, Golden Portrait was specifically developed to take treasured past memories and reproduce them in high quality 24K Gold. In order to achieve a high quality reproduction we suggest the following:
a. If you do not have a negative or high quality digital image you will first need to have the image photographed and it may require some photoshop editing to correct any aging or damage to the photo. Once this is done forward to us the high resolution image with a minimum of 350 dpi and your image will be transformed in 24K Gold.
b. Depending upon the occasion where the image was taken, if your focus is on the people and not the back ground we suggest that you have the back ground of the image removed by photo shop as the gold will truly emphasize the people in the portrait.

As all Golden Portrait orders are handcrafted and depending upon the specific image the time can vary and may take up to six weeks. However we aim and achieve most shipments to our clients within 4 weeks.

You will be notified by email with an tracking number.

No, unfortunately most Couriers such as Federal Express, TNT do not ship to a Post Office Box. Your physical address is required and phone number.

If we are notified within 8 hours of the order confirmation we can change the image upon your request.

Yes, please refer to our catalog page for an array of Golden Portrait requests.

Yes Golden Portrait has value however it is a design concept using the ancient yet rare handcrafted skills of gold leaf and foil experts. The image is made of 24Kt gold however we liken the value to Golden Portrait as sentimental, similar to that of a wedding ring and not of the gold content itself.

Yes, simply provide your friend with your order number and enter it in the coupon code and we will be pleased to send you a gift certificate reward with a 25% discount.

Yes, if workmanship and quality is damaged we will replace your order.

Golden Portraits are produced under the strict control and certification of a group of hand chosen, international, 2nd generation, gold setting artists. Our Swiss refined and certified gold is carefully crafted into fine layers of pure 24k gold settings. It is then prepared for the photographic interfusion process.

As Royal Golden Enterprise GmbH is a Swiss company and dealing with International orders we are required to have a completed order confirmation.

Upon delivery from your courier if you notice damage to the packaging or if it has been opened please inspect your Golden Portrait art piece before confirming your delivery with your signature. If the item is damaged do not accept delivery and advise the courier to return the package to the sender and say the item is damaged. You may use your cell phone to take images of the damaged shipment. It is important if you notice that the item is damage upon delivery it is best to refuse delivery and have the courier take the damage and have it returned.

You can contact customer support in two ways:

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